H.L. Lori Albright
Royal Matron

Emerald Court No. 4
Amaranth Logo
Order of the Amaranth
Meetings 2nd Sat @ 1 pm

S.K. James Jourdan
Royal Patron


Royal Matron Lori Albright - Royal Patron James Jourdan

*2023 Elected Officers*

Royal Matron HL Lori Albright
Royal Patron SK James Jourdan
Associate Matron HL Lynn Masters
Associate Patron SK Steve Hall
Treasurer HL Susan Broemeling
Secretary HL Stefanie Kazyaka
Conductress HL Becky Hall
Associate Conductress HL Debra Jourdan
Chairman of Trustees SK David Elliott
Trustee 2 yrs. HL Dee Cook
Trustee 3 yrs. SK Mike Keas
Marshal in the East HL Alice Keas
Marshal in the West HL
Standard Bearer HL Kay Griner
Prelate SK

SK Richard Broemeling

Sentinel SK Ron McManigal

Theme - We are the past, present, and future of Amaranth
Symbol - The Holy Bible
Colors - Burgundy, Black, and Silver
Flowers - Red Roses
Song - You'll Never Walk Alone
Mascot - Moose
Scripture - Psalms 26:3
"For Your loving kindness is before my eyes,
and I have walked in Your Truth."
Projects: Cat Rescue, Membership, & Diabetes

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Grand Royal Matron's Offical Visit

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The Grand Court of Idaho operates under authority of a Charter
issued by the Supreme Council Order of the Amaranth, Inc.

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