Donita Head
Royal Matron

Garnet Court No. 5
Amaranth Logo
Order of the Amaranth
Meetings 1st Sat @ 2pm

Rick Clendenning
Royal Patron



RM Donita Head and RP Rick Clendenning

*2018 Elected Officers*

Royal Matron HL Donita Head
Royal Patron SK Rick Clendenning
Associate Matron HL Frankie Lane
Associate Patron SK Ron Wood
Treasurer HL Billie Reed
Secretary HL Judy Demaray
Conductress HL Darlene Neal
Associate Cunductress HL Barbara Clendenning

Royal Matron

Royal Matron Donita Head


Grand Royal Patron Norman Lane, Royal Matron Donita Head, Royal Patron Rick Clendenning
Grand Royal Matron Frankie Lane!


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issued by the Supreme Council Order of the Amaranth, Inc.

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