Susan M. Broemeling
Grand Royal Matron

Grand Court of Idaho
Amaranth Logo
Order of the Amaranth

Richard C. Broemeling
Grand Royal Patron


HL Susan M. Broemeling Grand Royal Matron
SK Richard C. Broemeling Grand Royal Patron
HL Joann Crawford Grand Treasurer
SK Diane Wood Grand Secretary
HL Melvina Prisbrey Grand Associate Matron
SK Bruce Wethered Grand Associate Patron
HL Dena Estrada Grand Conductress
  Grand Associate Conductress
SK Steven Hall Grand Trustee, Chairman
SK Bill Cook Grand Trustee 2 Yr
SK John Kinney Grand Trustee 3 Yr
HL Stefanie Kazyaka Chief Commissioner of Appeal
HL Mary Jane Muncy Grand Commissioner of Appeal 2 Yr
HL Donita Head Grand Commissioner of Appeal 3 Yr


SK Mike Keas Grand Prelate
HL Judy Demaray Grand Marshal
HL Kathy Kinney Grand Marshal in the East
HL Anna Votaw Grand Marshal in the West
HL Norman Lane Grand Lecturer
HL Andrea Lewis Grand Standard Bearer
HL Lori Albright Grand Historian
HL Penny Morrison Grand Fraternal Correspondent
HL Dee Cook Grand Truth
HL Lynn Masters Grand Faith
HL Dee Cook Grand Wisdom
HL Sarah Austin Grand Charity
  Grand Musician
SK Charles Morrison Grand Warder
SK Dowel Demaray Grand Sentinel
HL Darlene Neal Grand Page
HL Billie Reed Grand Crown Bearer
SK Ron Wood Grand Sword Bearer


SK Norman Lane Boise Basin Court No. 3
SK Mike Keas Emerald Court No. 4
HL Darlene Neal PT Garnet Court No. 5



California S.K. David Elliott
Washington S.K. Clinton Wethered


The Grand Court of Idaho operates under authority of a Charter
issued by the Supreme Council Order of the Amaranth, Inc.

The use of the Official Amaranth Logo is governed by U.S. Copyright Law
and is the property of the Supreme Council Order of the Amaranth, Inc